Our vision of a perfect scientific tool is a flexible system that can be adaptable for any experiments. We have developed our cell incubator following the principle of giving no limitation on the modification possible by the end-user.

System characteristics

  • Low cost and easy to modify;
  • The incubator size can be customized for many experimental requirements;
  • Can be upgraded to control any kinds of sensors, microscopes, shaker, stretchers or others;
  • Can be interfaced with any other devices to allow synchronization between the cell incubator and any other scientific devices;
  • Control board is based on an Arduino platform running an ATMEGA328 is compatible with most 5V shields.
  • The software is open source and can be modified for any other experimental needs (temperature, CO2, O2 or others) using the Arduino IDE.

Product options

  • DIY kit that the user is responsible for assembling in its entirety;
  • Fully assembled version;
  • With different electronic options:
  • Fully assembled PCB;
    • Kit of extra components that allow for PCB add-ons;
    • More temperature sensors, heaters or fans;
  • Additional shelves (2 included);
  • Custom service –Design custom formats for specific needs, laser engraving of the incubators, etc.