Our vision of a perfect scientific tool is a flexible system that can be adaptable for any experiments. We have developed our cell incubator following the principle of giving no limitation on the modification possible by the end-user.

System characteristics

  • Low cost and easy to modify;
  • The incubator size can be customized for many experimental requirements;
  • Can be upgraded to control any kinds of sensors, microscopes, shaker, stretchers or others;
  • Can be interfaced with any other devices to allow synchronization between the cell incubator and any other scientific devices;
  • Control board is based on an Arduino platform running an ATMEGA328 is compatible with most 5V shields.
  • The software is open source and can be modified for any other experimental needs (temperature, CO2, O2 or others) using the Arduino IDE.

Product options

  • DIY kit that the user is responsible for assembling in its entirety;
  • Fully assembled version;
  • With different electronic options:
  • Fully assembled PCB;
    • Kit of extra components that allow for PCB add-ons;
    • More temperature sensors, heaters or fans;
  • Additional shelves (2 included);
  • Custom service –Design custom formats for specific needs, laser engraving of the incubators, etc.





The biomaterials industry is driven by novel materials which form three dimensional porous scaffolds possessing nano/microscale structures that are biocompatible and promote the growth of living cells.

Current commercial products vary considerably, from both biological and synthetic polymers and are available in different forms such as powders, gels, membranes and pastes. The vast majority of the biomaterials in current clinical use are derived from animal or human tissue, raising ethical concerns about the processes employed to acquire the source tissue as well as the human/animal welfare controls.

Our product is derived from natural cell wall architectures found in the plant and fungus kingdoms. Using highly evolved plant tissue, we are able to create complex 3D scaffolds that promote cell infiltration, cell growth, angiogenesis and tissue repair and reconstruction. We are developing premade biomaterials for immediate use. As well we are developing kits instructions for making your own biomaterials from any plant you wish.

Product options

  • Premade biomaterials in different formulations (sheet, block, paste, powder) and sizes, derived from several different plant sources. All materials will be structurally characterized and guaranteed.
  • Biomaterial DIY kits (SDS, PBS, glassware, …);
  • Supplier of DIYBio supplies – test tubes, petri dishes, pipettes tips, etc.;